Yasunari Kawabata. Snow Country (English Edition)

Ясунари Кавабата. «Снежная страна». На английском языке

Yasunari Kawabata. Snow Country (Yukiguni). Download free EPUB, PDFИнформация о книге:

Автор /Author: Ясунари Кавабата / Yasunari Kawabata (1899 — 1972)
Оригинальное название / Original title: 雪国 (Yukiguni)
Перевод / Translated by Edward G. Seidensticker
Страна / Country: Япония / Japan
Язык оригинала / Language original: японский /日本語
Язык этой книги / Language this book: английский / English
Опубликовано /Published: 1947

Жанр/Genre: повесть / Short story


Nobel Prize-winner Yasunari Kawabata’s Snow Country is widely considered to be the writer’s masterpiece, a powerful tale of wasted love set amid the desolate beauty of western Japan.

At an isolated mountain hot spring, with snow blanketing every surface, Shimamura, a wealthy dilettante meets Komako, a lowly geisha. She gives herself to him fully and without remorse, despite knowing that their passion cannot last and that the affair can have only one outcome.

In chronicling the course of this doomed romance, Kawabata has created a story for the ages, a stunning novel dense in implication and exalting in its sadness.

Originally published in Japanese as Yukiguni.


Перевод повести «Снежная страна » Ясунари Кавабата :

日本語 (Japan)  (Original) — 雪国 (Yukiguni)

Русский Снежная страна

Français Pays de neige

Italiano Il Paese Delle Nevi

Español El Pais De Nieve


Yasunari Kawabata. Snow Country (English)

Ясунари Кавабата «Снежная страна» на английском языке

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